a little more grown then yesterday

24 Jun

It’s the afternoon in a strained day,

at the end of a stressful week,

within a busy month.


been working on insurance for three days now.

medical and car.

makes me appreciate all those times Marmee swam in paper and phone calls.

feel utter adultness settling upon me.

finally ran away,

well kinda.

*bux is a bit like a Neverland after speaking of things like…

premium : deductible : policy : records : liability : comprehensive coverage



it’s less painful to deal with adulthood when your pen is 05

and i just maybe got intoxicated with the power of information.

don’t tell Peter Pan,

but it’s fun to play growing up in small quantities.

*confession end*

so i ran away.

now i’m pretending i can afford overpriced pomegranate tea lemonade.

afford time to think and smash good things into my brain and body.

process the golden bits that come with the quantity of years.



  • filling an entire black bag with trash that used to be cluttering  living space
  • freshly washed sheets
  • an unopened container of sourcream unexpectedly found
  • vacuuming our whole apartment on one plug
  • leftover quiche
  • hearing MissA call me by name
  • hearing MissO make up names
  • a full fridge
  • an empty laundry basket
  • pilates/yoga class and the peace therein
  • knowing my Goodman works hard because salty lips
  • being responsible for our nutrition and then being nourished
  • taking things from the place they belong than returning them
  • buying fresh flowers with the money i earned

i’ll keep the window open for night travelers

but i may be too heavy with the weight of year’s time to fly

we’ll wait for lighter, smaller Bechards…

till Neverland again.


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