23 Nov

My news isn’t very new anymore…
Still fresh and exciting.

Baby blessing has been taking residence in my midsection for 15 weeks now.
So far it’s spent most of the time making me queasy, weepy and sleepy.
I feel like Snow White’s dwarfs are in there.

We had an early ultrasound (for dating purposes) and saw our little one hiccup.
It was only 9ish weeks at that point, so fairly simple.
Heartbeat made me so happy.

We are still waiting to hear the heartbeat on the doppler.
Was hiding last time we tried.
Just to give me a little heartattack of my own.
Since then continued growth and hormonal cyclones have been my assurance that there is indeed a little one coming.

We are using a lovely young midwife named Beth from a birth center.
This was one of our biggest decisions to tackle and I’m so grateful we came to such a pleasant result.
I’m not at all fearful of the labor after meeting with her and seeing the facility.
There will be more thoughts on that as we proceed.
Right now it’s all rather simple,

We will be doing the ancient ritual of waiting for the baby to arrive before knowing the gender.
This is everyone’s first question.
Strangely, I think this is making it easier to wait.
At least for me.

The greatest surprise in this pregnancy has been how tame my nausea was.
I was so prepared for the gauntlet of horror.
Experienced very pronounced aversions and queasiness,
but never even threw up.
Feel very blessed,
because I have friends who had a far more violent first trimester.

On the other hand;
the extent and proficiency of exhaustion has shocked me.
I expected it to an extent,
but that expectation has been passed and beaten into the dust.

Poor Goodman,
a “late” night is 9.

Gone is his little night owl.

Speaking of Goodman,

He has cared for me and my irrationality so gently.
Even when I deserved dungeon and abandonment.
He’s gone without real food, company or a clean home for so long.

Last night he made dinner from an empty fridge,
and cleaned the kitchen.

Forget flowers and chocolate.

Love him.


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