Bumping along…

4 Jan

(18 weeks)

I’m now 20 weeks along…


Wombkeeper (my pet name for now) is growing steadily.
At our last midwife appointment she was able to quickly catch it’s strong heartbeat.
Amazing sound.

Feeling pretty great.
Definite nesting urges which comes with a welcome surge of energy.
Enjoying the more consistant movement.
Little pecks and rummaging in there.
It’s only a matter of time before Goodman will be able to feel it.

Finished my last day of work before Christmas.
This was epic.
Realized I haven’t been without a job since I was 14.
SO thankful that my exiting was on such a good note, with such spectacular employers.
Couldn’t be more blessed…

Will miss the Missies.

Only had a huge meltdown when I got back home.
Pregnancy hormones accentuated my inevitable sadness.

But looking forward to this little lull before my own babe comes into being.

Already been able to accomplish some projects and plan others.
Also finding myself being able to focus more mentally and emotionally on Goodman.
Want to savour these next five months with just the two of us…

He’s been such a constant while my hormones and body have taken me rollercoasting about.
Can’t imagine staying sane without him.
Nothing better than simply mentioning a nesting urge and turning around to find it accomplished.
Or complaining about a craving offhandedly, and get it fulfilled.

How blessed am I?



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