Up to date:

15 Sep

Ransom @ 5 Months


He’s learning how to roll.
He has front to back down and back to side.
He doesn’t seem to realize the power of mobility yet and it’s mostly involuntary wiggling.

Feeding is an ongoing saga.
He is healthy and gains weight steadily,
but eating is only a hindrance to him.
This is changing my vision of peacefully nursing as a comfort.
Instead it’s faster the better.

He loves to be near me but isn’t a cuddler.
The Moby is a perfect compromise.

He weighs about 14.5lbs.
Wearing 6month clothing
(mostly for the noggin sized collars and cloth diapered bookah)
His peach fuzz is getting more evident.
There’s a good chance for red.

He’s a sunsneezer like me.
Often when we go outside we have a choral of “kertishoo”s.

He loves to stand with assistance.
More and more able to grab things and bring to his mouth.
He doesn’t hold on to them once they get there though.

I don’t feel any teeth yet,
but he’s drooling tons and is constantly gnawing on something…
or someone.


While he tracks about at his due date in mobility,
he’s right on his birth date with mental stages.

He’s a visual learner and is already hyper aware of eye candy
The other day a firetruck went past,
it was all things good in the world.
He is very sensitive to change in light.
He has difficulty falling asleep if there are interesting lights around.

(watching his first olympics… he loved the swimmers)

He knows “daddy” and “mama” and will look for us if prompted.

He is short sighted like me,
so, little patience if things are uncomfortable.
Frustrates easy,
but is also easily distracted back into a good mood.

He loves books and watching people.

He thinks being startled is funny
and will go into fits of laughter if you catch him unawares.

Every morning he wakes up ecstatic about the day.
Somehow these two night owls produced a morning bird.
I pity him,
we never seem able to match his early excitement about life.


He loves me being around him.
I think he loves me as a comfort.

Goodman is loved as interesting specimen and another person to watch.
They are still figuring out what kind of relationship to have.
It’s so interesting to watch these two strong personalities mingle.

We are going through our first stages of discipline.
Our focus is guiding as God guides us.
Sometimes this means swift and sharp,
But often at this point a time of lack of fellowship bring things around.
Ransom is learning to voice his emotions.
We are trying to show him how we want that communication,
but it has appropriate levels.

He loves church.
Mostly the singing and people and so much to see.
I’m loving how the liturgy is already becoming a sweet staple to life.


Song: Doxology
It’s his sleep song.

Animal: Fish
I think it’s the easiest for him to track.

Place: Outside of the apartment
He’ll get fairly upset if we don’t leave once a day.
A walk around the mall has been this summer’s normal.
It’s cool and there’s covered parking.
Also a nursing room.
He loves the lights and petstore puppies.

Thing: Water
He loves the pool and will hum and kick.
He sits outside our showers and giggles with delight.
Just the sound of it running is a favourite.

Mama @ 5 Months


What a wonderous time.
All the hardships of a newborn pale in comparison to pregnancy.
I am so grateful to be on this side of that belly.
So grateful for the energy and brain clarity.

I love him so.
He’s so perfectly ours.

It’s fun to have another little being around.
(even with the ongoing work)
He’s someone to talk to and relate with.

Some of my favourite things have been exploring with him.
Watching him discover things for the first time.
An elephant,
the feel of rain on his face,
the smells of the grocery store,

It’s all so new through his eyes.

I’m struggling to accept my new body.
Everytime I catch a glimpse of my rounder face I doubletake.
Also attempting to adapt it.
Exercising regularly for the first time in my life,
hating it.
My appetite is so changed.
For the first time I’ve experienced sugar lows.
I have to eat constantly to appease my nursing body.
But I also crave the most fattening things.
Learning to change those cravings is tough.
Revamping the wardrobe has been an ordeal.
I’m coming to peace with it all…

I’m in love with Goodman.
His patience with me and my changes is saintly.
He gently encourages but never judges.
I’ve seen him grow so much as a father.
It makes me trust and love him all the more.


One Response to “Up to date:”

  1. Tom Brainerd 09/16/2012 at 10:08 pm #

    What a delight y’all are to me.

    Christ’s richest blessings on the Bechards.

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