Update : 17 Months

5 Sep

(I realize the inconsistency and disregard this blog is handling… but there’s no way I’m going to get journaling done on paper in this time of my life… so these will have to do. And because I don’t deal well with guilt, I’m just not going to have any. So there.)

Ransom @ 17 Months



The boy is walking… finally.
He started in earnest the beginning of August.
He’d been doing lots of “side of the ice-rink shuffling” for months.
I’m learning that when it comes to physical goals he isn’t quick…
But once he figures it out he never looks back.
He’s the opposite of heedless… without being fearful.
So there hasn’t been much falling, which I expected, because once he finally walked he was proficient.


He saunters, not walks.
Toes pointed out and knees high.
Like an old cowboy.


We are doing almost all solids now.
He nurses 2-3times a day for a short stint.
Currently he has a slight dairy aversion… mostly resulting in sinus drainage.
Something not worth dealing with in the middle of the night,
so we avoid that. Same with gluten, just makes him grumpy.


A Typical Daily Menu
Breakfast – banana, scrambled eggs
Lunch – turkey hotdog, veggie straws, applesauce
Dinner – Whatever is on our plates, baby food pouch with veggies
Snacks – apple (he loves a whole peeled one to munch on)


Sleep is going great.
Been through the night 8-7 for months now.
On the off night that I have to go in and comfort, it takes only a moment.
Still taking two naps: 9-11am and 2-4am
A couple times I’ve tried to drop the morn nap and it causes great havoc.Letting him guide me on this one.
So far he likes his consistent sleep.
Of course on busy days were we are out of the home he adjusts fine.


He has 8 teeth (4/top 4/bottom)
Thankful that we’ve had a long respite from teething woes.
He’s weighing right around 21 lbs.
Hasn’t gained much since he turned a year and started being super mobile.
I think he’s just destined to be a petite kid.
Wears 12-18M clothing.
Size 4 shoes.
His noggin is huge, and still only sparsely inhabited by white hair.


He loves to climb stairs or playground equipment.Open drawers, anything zipped, doors.
He can put on sunglasses and hats.
Super good about getting down from high places feet first.
(bed, couch, stairs, etc.)

He is signing please along with the word.
Waves goodbye and hullo.
Nods his head yes and no.
Points emphatically.
Kisses and on rare occasions will snuggle his head on your shoulder.


Ever since walking his mental skills have soared.
I think it was so busy working on figuring out the feet it had no time for other things.
He’s become increasingly verbal every day,
quick to monkey/mimic our every move.
He’s got particular quickness when it comes to mechanics of things,
or anything routine.


These are all the words he’s said,
though they come in shifts, so not all all the time.

Pronounced Words : Translation
mama : mama
papa : papa or your phone is ringing
no : no
nononono : i really mean no
pa-pee : puppy
bee! : bird
baw : ball
oo – ee : one two three
mee : please
nana : banana and/or I’m hungry for food
nay-nay : night night
tag-tag : his taggie blanket
bye bye : bye bye
hi-ee-a : hi
bye bye doo : bye bye I love you

These along with constant chatter that hasn’t slide into real words yet.
He’s getting super close to being able to echo words back.


He likes animals and things with wheels.
Playing usually consists of walking around taking things in and out of places.
Visiting the vacuum to push all the levers and disconnect the hose.
Riding his “walker”.
Finding forbidden cords or electronics.


He loves being around people,
but holds them at a distance.
Especially kids, he gets so excited to be running about with them,
but get in his arms length and he gets super stoic and glares.
We’ve had to work on sharing and being patient with others.


He doesn’t deal with disappointment well.
But once he moves past it can regain joy quickly.


He loves his Papa and especially riding in the truck or going on errands.
More and more I’m learning that loving him is creating new things/places to explore.
Freedom and open spaces.
But not surprising him too much.
He needs introductions to things and then he takes off.
Same with people.
If they pounce on him he shuts down.
But with a little time and letting him get comfortable,
he is sweet and happy to be with you.


I had a minor emergency room visit this past month,(more on that later)
and he was in a lot of capable hands between friends and family.
I’ve been surprised by how well he’s handled everything.
His being flexible made him a delight to those who’s responsibility he became.


Our biggest discipline scenarios involve times when he needs to be still.
The boy doesn’t understand why we don’t use our legs all the time!
Again, thinking ahead and knowing how he will react gives us grace toward him.


He’s becoming more affectionate and has at times come over to kiss or hug me.
These fleeting acts are such gifts.


Food: Watermelon or Bananas
I have no idea how much he can eat,
since I have to cut him off when his stomach gets distended.

Animal: Bird
If he hears one, even while inside he walks to the nearest window.
“Bee! Bee!”

Place: Splashpad or Mall Playground
It’s been a hot summer, so we’ve been limited…
but he loves spaces that he can conquer and make his kingdom.


Thing: Keys
He loves to hold ours and especially the actual car keys.
Any notch or groove is a place to stick them.


Show: Curious George
He’s cycled through a few options, but this one seems to be a winner.
His face lights up when the theme music starts.
I think he may understand George’s garbling better than English.


Activity : Sitting Behind the Steering Wheel
Sometimes we wait in the car for Papa to come home.
All the levers and knobs are his paradise.


Mama @ 5 Months

I’m starting to regain some normality physically and hormonally.
Nothing could have prepared me for how tough it is to slowly lose yourself to what
a pregnant and new mom is.
I’m not sure if I’m going BACK to what I was,
or if I’ve become comfortable with the new me.
Either way, it’s a relief.


I’ve been working out more consistently with the help of Cassey Ho.
She’s the peppy trainer I’ve been searching for since I had Ransom.
Her routines are quick and effective and the calendars keep me on track.
The changes have been subtle, but every little bit is huge from where I was.

Back to that Emergency Room Visit I mentioned…
Last month I had some incredibly sharp pains in my abdomen.
They came on without warning and escalated quickly.
We rushed to the E-Room to find out I had a ruptured cyst on my ovary.
The alarming part was it had opened a vein that was causing internal bleeding.
They did immediate surgery and took great care of me.
I lost a lot of blood and had a transfusion to start the healing process.
Thankfully they were able to keep my ovaries intact.
My recovery has been surprisingly quick.
It’s been a little over a month now, and I’ve felt 95% for 2weeks.


So grateful for modern medicine and a loving church that stepped in with meals.
There are no ongoing complications.


As a family we’ve had a tough summer.
A lot of questions without much answers.
But I’m continually gladdens by how even frustration seems to draw us closer.


Looking forward to cooler weather and a toddler to explore it with.



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